This year, Key Care & Support are supporting Deaf Awareness Week (6th – 12th May 2019).

Deaf Awareness Week across the UK was 6th – 12th May. This is the perfect opportunity to get staff talking about deafness and hearing loss, bust myths and have fun – all while possibly raising funds to support the 11 million people living with deafness and hearing loss in the UK, through “Action on Hearing Loss”, the charity who are heading up the main fundraising events for the week.

Our branches all took part in DAW 2019; Our Manchester branch staff  “Dressed in Decibels” and Stifyn from North Wales Branch even created a “Fingerspelling Alphabet” video! Our Lancashire Branch team did a great job of raising awareness.

The branches managed to fundraise £34.20 altogether!! Well done to the Branches.

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Action on Hearing Loss is the UK’s largest charity supporting people who are deaf or have hearing loss. They give support and care, develop technology and treatments, and campaign for equality. They rely on donations to continue their vital work. Key Care & Support are proud to support Action on Hearing Loss.