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Specific Job Requirements - Further Information

NHS and Private / Independent Care Settings

Key Care & Support have a varied range of work available in both Private/Independent and NHS settings.  If you wish to work in the NHS, you will be required to provide proof of the following immunisations at your interview: MMR, Hepatitis B Record, Hepatitis B Titre Levels and BCG Scar/Heaf Test (for TB).  These records must be stamped for authenticity by your GP practice or equivalent service.

Immunisations are only required for NHS work and we have a vast range of work available in Private/Independent settings, so not having these immunisations will not prevent you from working with us.

Day Time and Night Time Working

Being as flexible as possible will ensure we can offer you a range of shifts.  Limiting yourself to only night time shifts (which are popular with many staff) may mean we are unable to accommodate you.  We currently have a larger requirement for day time workers than we do for night time workers.