It’s the topic that’s too BIG to ignore. On Thursday 11 March 2021, join us in highlighting just how big an issue kidney disease is. It’s not a disease that affects only a handful of people; one in nine worldwide have it. Your neighbour could have it. Your parent. Your work colleague. Your child. Help us shout it from the rooftops.

The global pandemic has changed kidney patients’ lives in many ways. Considered to be vulnerable, they face a higher risk of serious Covid-19. If they catch the virus, they are more likely to be seriously ill or even die.

Many kidney patients have been shielding for most of the last year. But many dialysis patients can’t shield at home. They have no choice but to go to hospital several times a week for their life-saving treatment. And those with a kidney transplant or taking immunosuppressants still have to attend their regular medical appointments, despite being less able to fight the virus because of the drugs they take.

As well as affecting current kidney patients, Covid-19 is also creating new ones. Up to a quarter of people who have Covid-19 and receive ventilation in intensive care end up with severe acute kidney injury (AKI) and need dialysis. AKI is when your kidneys suddenly stop working properly. This could cause anything from a minor loss of kidney function to complete kidney failure. Only time will tell if people can recover from this.

This is serious. Kidney disease is no joke. It can’t be ignored. Kidneys matter.

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