What do you need for to be prepared for interview.

Which Documents Will Clinical Support Workers/Care Staff Need To Bring?


Photographic proof of identification

For example an in date Passport and Driving Licence.

2 Documents showing a proof of address

E.G Utility bills/Council Tax Invoices etc). The dates of the documents need to be within the last 3 months so we can see this is your current address.

Proof of National Insurance Registration

For example, National Insurance Card, an Inland Revenue document or recent payslip

X2 Passport sized photographs

One for your ID badge and one for your file

Certificates of Training and Development

For example those obtained while working in a care setting. If you have undertaken any Mandatory Training, including Practical Moving and Handling, please bring these certificates if possible.

Online DBS Certificate

If you have an online DBS certificate, please bring this with you. If you do not have an online DBS, Key Care & Support will apply for one on your behalf.

Your Bank Details

Account number, sort code and address will be required for your payroll.


Collecting References is the most time consuming element in the application process and you will be asked at interview, to verify that the references you provide are correct, including that they include a Manager at your current/most recent employer and that you have provided full contact details including professional email addresses.

£60 Commitment fee

Key Care & Support would like to be open and honest about why a £60 Refundable Commitment is made for all new Care Staff joining us. This is a normal Commitment to temporarily cover the cost of your Mandatory Training Day, Key Care & Support Uniform and ID Badge. If required, we also use this to process your DBS check certificate.

In addition to the above, Nurses will also need to bring

These are the Documents Nurses will need to bring along to the interview with Key Care & Support…

  • Statement of entry Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Nursing Certificates
  • NMC Pin Registration Card
  • Relevant advanced Training Services
  • Proof of current professional indemnity insurance