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Our Guiding Principles

Key Care & Support

Our Guiding Principles

Key Care & Support believe that you have a right to live a quality of life you are comfortable with. To assist with this, we offer everyone we support the opportunity to develop a Life Plan, which allows you to consider different aspects of your life, and how you want your life to look and progress.Ā 

Life Plans have short term goals that can be achieved through positive support, and longer term goals that you want to aspire to and work to achieve with positive, skilled support.Ā 

Achieve Through Positive Support

Guiding Principles



We believe everyone has a right to live in a home of their choice, where they can feel safe, comfortable and in control. We positively encourage people to take an active part in your home life, from day to day household tasks to decoration, daily routines and how you want your home to run.


Work and occupation

We believe everyone has a right to consider gainful occupation/employment, paid or unpaid. This gives people a sense of pride and self worth, builds confidence and creates social engagement in your local community.



We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow, to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. This, we believe, also helps boost confidence and improve life skills.



We believe everyone has a right to be an active member of society, to form friendships, relationships and participate in community events and social gatherings, and enjoy life to its fullest.



We believe everyone has a right to make choices regarding their health and wellbeing. Maintaining health and wellbeing underpins everything we are able to do and achieve. Positively supporting healthy choices and promoting wellbeing is central to support and life in general.

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