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Respite Opportunities

Key Care & Support Respite opportunities

Respite Opportunities

Key Care & Support Respite opportunities

Respite Opportunities

Key Care & Support have a specialist team that can deliver respite for adults and children, either in your own home, or in our purposely appointed respite homes if a more residential respite option is deemed appropriate.Ā 

Emergency respite placements are sometimes required in the event of a support or placement breakdown or where current support delivery is unable to meet a person's needs.Ā Ā 

This can be due to current provision not being able to provide the support required, and therefore no longer able to provide safe and effective support. This can be for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include:Ā 

Why is Respite needed?


We All need a Break

While we all love and care for our families and loved ones, and enjoy being with them, sometimes caring for and supporting a person with special and sometimes complex needs can be exhausting, so a much needed break can be of real value to the carers in the family, and also the one being cared for and supported. We all need respite from the day to day pressures of life. Key Care & Support can offer many flexible options for respite, both through our community and residential based services.


Changes in behaviours

Changes in behaviours such as aggression or physical violence towards others and/or their environment.


Support needs change

Support needs change, therefore the current provision is unable to deliver safe and effective support.


Family relationships

Breakdown of family relationships at home, therefore support needs to be reviewed to provide much needed respite and space to review the current support provision.

Respite Services

Safeguarding Concerns

There may be changes to a person's needs due to changes in diagnosis or mental health needs. When a placement breakdown arises, it may require an immediate change in provision, and our respite services are perfectly placed to provide this much needed intervention. If you are looking for respite or an immediate change of placement for a loved one, or if you are a designated professional supporting someone in need of emergency respite, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

Mental health needs
Placement breakdown
Emergency respite
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