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Key Care & Support Supported living

Supported Living Services

Key Care & Support Supported living
Man with Down syndrome being shown how to cook in his home

Supported Living Services

Support At Home

Each person chooses and decides what works best for you. Key Care & Support plan care and support around your needs and aspirations, always maintaining focus on you, and our belief that ‘quality of life matters’. 

Whatever you are looking for, Key Care & Support will always offer a positive response to you, provide you with options for your support and care, and will always work with you to make it happen. 

Rest assured, your quality of life matters, Key Care & Support are here to support you to achieve a quality of life you want to aspire to. 

What We Offer

Supported Living Options


Living in your own Home


Enhanced Supported Accommodation

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Girl with additional needs in the family home with her mum

Living In Your Own Home

Supported living can be provided to an individual living in your own home. This allows for up to 24-hour support for people who are identified as requiring this level of support, ensuring you are safe while exploring opportunities through positive risk taking, thereby enhancing your quality of life and increasing your independence. 

Your level of support is agreed and individualised for each person, ensuring you are able to enjoy your home life and life opportunities, and to be actively involved in your chosen work and social pursuits. Key Care & Support has connections and good relationships with a number of social and private landlords in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

We are able to support you, with your family members and/or commissioners, in finding an appropriate property with a landlord who understands and is sensitive to people with additional needs, and who is accommodating regards allowing relevant adaptations to be made, if required, to your home. 

This may include a single occupancy property if that is what you want and it is deemed appropriate for you, or a property which is shared with others. In a shared household, everyone living at the property will have a final say in who they want to live with. 

Man with disabilities fist bumping his support worker
Disabled teenager with his mum happy and smiling

Enhanced Supported Accommodation

Some people require a more enhanced level of support. To accommodate those people, Key Care & Support has properties that people can choose to come and live in, either alone or with others, depending on your needs.  

This accommodation usually, but not always, has a 24 hour support team that will be with you to enhance your life, enable you to enjoy your local community, and explore your interests and aspirations, while supporting you to live as independently as possible.  

How Do We Support You?

All our Supported Living options aim to support adults to have a quality of life you are comfortable with, while enjoying a level of independence and opportunity for growth that all people have a right to when transitioning to adulthood and moving into your own home.  

We will support you to look at your Life Plan, and encourage you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and aspirations, grow in confidence, and be more independent as you develop and achieve. 

This type of accommodation is usually commissioned by your Local Authority or Integrated Care Board  (ICB), though it is your choice where you want to live, and who you want to live with. 

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What We Offer

Some of the support we are able to provide includes but is not limited to...


• Personal care while maintaining independence and privacy
• Supporting you with essential housework to keep your home comfortable and clean
• Assisting you with cooking and healthier eating options
• Home DIY
• Finances, budgeting and claiming benefits


• Finding employment, be it paid or voluntary opportunities


• Participating in meaningful and interesting pastimes and hobbies
• Regular community access and engagement


• Exploring further educational opportunities
• Learning practical skills to enhance your independence


• Promoting your wellbeing and physical fitness
• Medication management, administration and monitoring
•  Attending medical and associated appointments

At Key Care & Support we believe that quality of life matters, and we work with you to unlock your potential