Respite Care

The Bungalow

Welcome to ‘The Bungalow’, a specialist respite home for young children with special needs and requirements.

The Bungalow specialises in respite for young children and adolescents who can present challenges to support and service provision, and who need that extra care and support in a safe yet comfortable home.

The Bungalow is a two bedded home, providing enhanced respite support and care at all times, ensuring parents and families are secure knowing their child is in good hands.

Here at The Bungalow we believe that quality of life matters, and that is important for families and their children we support and care for also.

About Us

The Bungalow is part of the Key Care & Support service provision.

Key Care & Support, registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC), excels in providing support to children living at home with parents, and are proud of our service provision, achieving a ‘Good’ rating with CQC.

The Bungalow is a two bedroomed home providing safe respite for children and adolescents, from 1 night to 21 nights, dependent on each child’s needs and family requirements.

Being a small home, we can provide true individualised support and care to each child accessing the service, ensuring the respite is both beneficial to child and family alike.

A real rest for everyone!

Service provision

At the Bungalow you can be assured that:

• Your child is cared for and supported in homely surroundings

• Your child will attend school where appropriate using our transport and escorting service

• Your child’s individual needs and requirements will be met at all times

• Activities and outings will be planned in accordance and agreement with yourselves, the parents

• Staffing support is always experienced and appropriately trained and qualified to support your child’s needs and requirements

• You can contact us at any time to see how your child is settled

• You will be able to relax knowing your child is in good and safe hands

Assessing your needs-03

How do I organise respite for my child?

The Bungalow

How do I organise respite for my child?

At the Bungalow we want to ensure that the respite planned is fit for purpose and appropriate to you and your childs needs and requirements.

To do this we always will carry out and assessment and home visit to ensure that all your needs are met, and we want you to know that however you want your child’s respite with us is planned, you as a family are central to that process.

We will always ‘match’ children in the respite unit, so that age appropriateness and children enjoy the respite together that are similar in personality, ability and safe.

Where a child has specific enhanced needs and requirements such as enhanced support, and may require respite as an only child, this can be accommodated and in agreement with family and appropriate professionals as required.

Funding is agreed either directly with the family, or as part of a funding agreement with local authority or healthcare commissioning group. This needs to be agreed in advance and following assessment to ensure we can deliver the level of care and support your child requires.

Contact Us

For more information please contact your Registered Manager, Andrea Hudders, on 0161 234 0035 or alternatively email at

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